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Products - Our current collection consists of a variety of Christian newborn and infant shirts and onesies, with more designs and accessory products coming soon. Each LittleDisciples design incorporates scripture in a fun and bold way to convey God's message of love for all His children. We hope our Christian baby clothes will be a blessing to people both big & little the world over. 

Press - LittleDisciples is a Christian clothing company dedicated to helping raise our children in God's light. Through our light-hearted, humorous designs we aim to reach people from infancy on up to spread the gospel and honor our Lord Jesus Christ. 

Wholesale - LittleDisciples™ is the newest, hippest & most fun Christian baby clothing line to hit the market. Shoppers are loving our funny, light-hearted designs and we can promise you there’s lots more to come. We invite you to become an Authorized LittleDisciples Retailer and help spread the Good News and gather those quick “That’s Sooooo Cute!” impulse sales. We are certain the LittleDisciples brand will be a blessing to your baby gift department and your customers. Contact us today to learn more.

Buy Now - Welcome to the Official LittleDisciples Online Store where you can purchase your favorite LittleDisciples products for all your lovable little ones.

Contact Us - Call us anytime at (760) 392-0111, or email us at

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